Not all studios are created equal.

This is especially true as you drive down the Pacific Coast Highway in southern California. With the ocean on one side and beautiful beach cities on the other, physical fitness is a priority along the PCH.
The same could be said for Sunset Blvd, one of the most iconic and recognized streets in the United States. Sunset Blvd takes you from Hollywood to Beverly Hills and then drops you off in what is known as the Palisades. At the end of Sunset you hit the PCH and you can go left towards Santa Monica, take a right and head to Malibu, you can go straight and dip in the ocean, or you can go to Studio K and get the most amazing and innovative workout of your life!
Studio K is the newest and best equipped studio in Southern California. Featuring a complete line from TechnoGym, the Ferrari of fitness equipment, Studio K has outfitted itself with only the best for their clients. This includes a complete multi unit Kinesis wall, Cardio Equipment with internet access, Free Weights and exercise stations that surround you with quality and design. Even the dumbbells at Studio K are developed using medical grade copper that prevents the spread of germs.

Everything at Studio K is well thought out. From the programs and equipment to the trainers who work there, Studio K is the premier package; and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of that at TruFit.

SKT3-1024x764From the early days of Studio K’s creation they’ve always had a choice to make. What strap training system should they put alongside their luxury fitness equipment? What gear do we want in the hands of our first class customers and student youth programs? And what system will give us every option we want and then excite us with stuff we’ve never seen before…? This is a common dilemma for studios and trainers everyday, and Studio K was no exception. But faced with the options, it seems they made the right choice. They choose the TruFit UNIT not only in their group training room but throughout the gym as a tool that offers an unlimited amount of exercise options. They choose the UNIT because they recognize quality. They choose the UNIT because they saw the limitless options. They choose the UNIT and now we can’t thank them enough for bringing us into their family and giving us this opportunity.
Now it’s your turn to see what the excitement’s all about. Next time you’re in LA and up on PCH and Sunset, be sure to stop by the place with the copper “K” out front. Find out about the classes and meet some of the trainers who now call Studio K their home. Try out Kinesis and check out the UNIT to feel the difference and see the quality. This is one studio that’s created just like you; with detail and perfection that could only come from a place called the Palisades.