[Photos by Elizabeth Daniels]


After years of stallage, the high-profile Pacific Palisades building known as “the bunker” (at Sunset and PCH) has finally been completely renovated and has reopened as fancy mixed-use condos called Rockwell. The early-’80s building originally had 16 units with two floors of commercial space, but developer 9Mile Investments converted the second floor into condo space while keeping the number of units the same–Rockwell has 10 regular units and six townhouses on the top floor. Michael Baker, formerly of Paligroup, headed the design team and the developers were meticulous: they brought in chef David Elias to consult on kitchens and a local Pac Pal woman to test out potential gyms (more on the fancy one Rockwell snagged in a minute). All of the units are unique, but they’re all “smart,” with central controls for lighting, sound, music, and security (the front door also has a thumb-reader), and many have their own elevators. They also all have enormous terraces with great views of the ocean (some units also have barbecues, fireplaces, and showers outdoors).

There are three-ish commercial spaces on Rockwell’s groundfloor. The super-high-end gym Studio K actually has two sections at the front of the building, one for group classes (which are limited to eight people but open to anyone) and one for members–they’ll only take 300 total. Membership is $200 a month or $2,000 a year, which includes valet (residents will get the first year free and a reduced rate in later years). Fiore Gardens does fancy floral work in a very cool green space (with Airstream trailer) on the side of the building. 9Mile will take the last retail space; and a further endorsement: company head Jake Mathews is planning on buying a unit in the building.
Lastly, you guessed it: units are not so cheap. They start at $895,000 and stretch up to $2.895 millionFull pricing is here.
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Source: la.curbed.com