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Master K Trainer, Jennifer Green

Pacific Palisades, CA – We took a group training session on Sunday morning in the studio’s newly minted location at the corner of PCH and Sunset overlooking the beautiful Malibu Beach. Before the workout starts, each participant is connected to a lightweight, mobile heart rate monitor that tracks your cardiac activity. This activity is then tracked on a leader board with other participants in the class. The workout itself is punctuated with high intensity cardio coupled with lower intensity weight intervals. The cardiac monitor allows you to easily check that your heart rate is within the optimal range to get the most effective workout and to correct yourself if its not.  The majority of the workout takes place at your own “K Station” — a machine that allows you to alter your weights and work your arms, abs, and legs all in one place. We loved the individualized attention provided by the instructors and the fast switch-ups the workout provided. The greatest thing about the workout is it makes you feel like you are in a personal training session with the added benefit of getting to workout with others for extra motivation. The workout is the perfect way to get your body leaned and toned in a hybrid gym/boutique studio environment that is chic, hip and cool. – Read full review at: BurnThis