Feature Reprinted from The Malibu Times | By: Melissa Caskey, Editor

Pacific Palisades fitness studio hones in on Kinesis training – a combination of strength, agility, resistance and balance training.


Pacific Palisades’ Studio K experience invites participants to use the Kinesis wall machine in the training process. The equipment combines tools for resistance, strength, balance, core and conditioning training.

Forget about your gym routine when you walk into Studio K. Instead, prepare for an experience aimed at improving your everyday lifestyle performance.

No one likes to be reminded that they have to “work out,” says studio co-owner and partner Susan Howard, who co-founded the studio last year with Jennifer Green. So, through principles of kinesis (i.e., movement, motion), Studio K has created a functional exercise system that has participants blazing through various exercises over the course of an hour without feeling wiped out as one would after spending an hour on the treadmill. It’s “lifestyle performance enhancement.”

Their Kinesis wall equipment is designed to incorporate resistance, agility, balance, core stability and weight training. The machine, manufactured by Italian company Technogym, features weights for resistance and cables that attach to a participant’s belt during the workout. With the help of the studio’s trainers, participants are hooked up to a heart rate monitor and the Kinesis machine. During a typical training session, you’ll go through lunges, squats, balance exercises and even “float like a butterfly” while doing a little sparring. Whether you have a background in ballet, basketball or running, Studio K trainers know how to cater to your calorie-burning needs. Plus, it hardly feels like tedious exercise.

By combining cardiovascular, strength and flexibility workouts, participants burn up to 30% more calories in an hour-long workout without having to seek out a supplemental workout for something like strength conditioning. Jenn - Mkg image

Tracking each participant’s heart rate during the workout helps trainers monitor whether participants are reaching their maximum heart rate and need to slow down, while also keeping tabs on others in need of a challenge during the workout.

Group sessions allow for a maximum of eight participants. One-on-one training and unlimited access memberships to other Kinesis equipment are also offered. For more, visit studioktraining. com or call 310.454.1048. Studio K offers free valet parking and is located at 17351 W. Sunset Blvd. in Pacific Palisades.