Feature Reprinted from the Palisadian-Post | By: Susan Howard, Special to the Palisadian-Post
Healthy Living | Originally published on May 22,2014
Are you looking for an easy fix to weight loss and more energy? We all know that summer is right around the corner but how do we retrain our brain to start healthy habits and get rid of those thoughts and actions that are literally weighing us down?
The biggest part of a new program is starting with simple steps that are achievable and measurable. Having big expectations or goals in a short amount of time is too much pressure and creates unnecessary anxiety that is unhealthy and potentially dangerous.


Susan Howard, General Manager & Director of Lifestyle Performance Training at Studio K

Start by looking at what you can change immediately that will be manageable. Can you increase how much water you drink, decrease how much sugar you eat and move more throughout the day? Chances are that the answer is yes.
These small steps can get you on the right track to wellness. Feeling that taste of success can give you the boost you need to catapult to the next action that will bring you closer to your long-term goals.
Keep focused on making simple changes for long-lasting results.

Eat foods that are fresh.

Ask yourself this simple question to stay on track. If you were in the wilderness, could you find this food? This means focus on those foods found on the outside aisles of the grocery store and shop the local farmers market for items such as meats, fish, eggs, nuts, leafy greens, regional veggies, fruits and seeds.

Choose movement/activities that benefit all aspects of wellness – strength, balance, core-stability, flexibility and cardio endurance.

Time is precious so make the best use of your time. Choose core compound movements that will safely and effectively strengthen your body and produce lean muscles. Make a move. A body practicing proper functionally focused movement is awakening the muscles to be strong for all activities.

Hydrate your body with water.

Since our body and brain need water to function properly, it only makes sense that the benefits of  a hydrated body include increased energy, reduction of fatigue, efficient reduction of toxins and waste, a boost in the immune system, prevention of cramping and sprains and promotion of weight loss.

Get plenty of sleep and rest on a daily basis.

Adequate sleep is essential for repair and rejuvenation for the mind and the body. With eight hours of sleep per night, it gives the mind and body the opportunity to be sharp and strong.

Surround yourself the support with friends, family and professionals who will give you the encouragement you need to stay on track.

Everyone needs a cheerleader to get a boost. Find your friends, family and trainer who will give you that extra “I know I can!” attitude.
Recognize that each positive decision you make brings you closer to seeing and feeling the difference in your body. Reset your mind to think positively.
Each time you make that right food choice, hydrate with a glass of water instead of soda or engage in safe movement, you are building momentum for a better you and a better life. Free yourself from haves and have-nots. Practicing moderation and redefining freedom reduces stress that will bring bigger success. If you have a weak moment of eating or lack of exercise, take a minute to get back on track and make the next hour better!
Now is the time to harness your momentum and build on your success. Collect all of that fantastic power and have it lift you for the day to create positive change.
Note: Always consult your physician before starting any program.

Susan Howard is the General Manager and Director of Lifestyle Performance Training at Studio K in Pacific Palisades. Her philosophy of lifestyle performance training is to incorporate all of the functional movements in a creative, efficient program to help individuals train for life.