FLAIR Aerial Hammock Kit

FLAIR Aerial hammock kits include:

  • Fabric in light silver, navy, or champagne
  • 2 x carabiners
  • 2 hammock runners
  • 2 x 45” daisy chains for adjustment
  • One sheet instructions & care
  • Carry bag
  • Retail Price: $299

Your Price : $225

Aerial Hammock Ceiling Hardware

  • Ceiling mounts are for exposed structural beams or recessed ceiling beams and rated for aerial yoga and fitness, not acrobatics/drops.
  • Freedom® Mount Technology by Aktiv Solutions (recommended)
    • Our premium articulating shackle system provides a safe & non-binding anchor for the suspension of all types of equipment including Punching Bags, Straps, Rope and Aerial Hammocks. The commercial grade aluminum housing and stainless steel shackle creates a premium look and finish that will not chip, rust, or derogate over time.
  • Mount in conjunction with (4) 3/8” Lag Bolt hardware (Min. 3” in length, not included)
  • ONE mount for single point attachment
    • Silks
    • Dance hammocks that spin
  • TWO mounts for Aerial Yoga Hammock
    • No spinning
  • Retail Price: $198 for two

Your Price for Two : $149

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Additional Rigging Information…

Rigging Residential

First, can your ceiling hold an extra potential 1,100+ lbs without being damaged? Many homes with another floor above can, but a contractor will be able to access this based on the age of your home and type of construction. If it is not strong enough, a contractor or structural engineer can determine how to reinforce your ceiling.

Just because someone has the title of “general contractor” does not mean they necessarily have the ‘know how’ (or the insurance) to create anchors points, so our advice is this: Shop around! It’s easy. Call at least 3 contractors in your area, explain you want to hang an aerial yoga swing and get a bid for the job. Bids can vary wildly, so get 3. (Make sure the person has experience with framing or structural work rather than simply drywall or finishing.) Do not try to pick the hardware yourself.  They will select what is needed based on your ceilings framework.