Private & Group Training

Group Training

Defy gravity while you stretch, strengthen, and Breathe. Fitness with FLAIR.

AERIAL FIT & FLOW — Classes that take influence from traditional Yoga poses, Aerial Arts, fitness and Pilates. They use a aerial sling in a different way than the circus. We hang the soft fabric sling at about waist height, and use it to explore alignment, flexibility, release chronic tension, strengthen, and basically hang around, and have fun! FLAIR Aerial classes are taught by only experienced Aerial fitness & yoga instructors, who use the low hanging hammock specifically for yoga postures and fitness conditioning. Every class includes decompression of the spine, supported inversions, core and upper body strengthening, and deep relaxation . This class is appropriate for anyone whether or not you have previous yoga experience, since the aerial sling helps put us into proper alignment right from the first session. Our instructors are trained to asses your current fitness level and help guide your progress so that you can learn safely and at your own pace.

Private Training

Private lessons are a great way to get targeted one-on-one coaching, learn quickly, and maintain social distance COVID-19 guidelines.

Other reasons include:

  • Needs training at a different time than what is offered
  • Is concerned about their fitness level or have injuries and would prefer to learn in a private setting.
  • Wants individualized attention for any reason at all.
  • Wants to work on choreography and act development.

Students can explore movement quality, fluid transitions, creative expression, and build endurance as more time is spent in the air.

Fly in the safety and comfort of our beautiful outdoor training area.