Palisadian-PostHEALTHY LIVING | Feature Reprinted from the Palisadian-Post 
Reporter Jacqueline Primo, August 13, 2015 
What does it feel like to be hanging upside down, suspended by aerial silks wrapped around your waist and legs, with your arms hanging free toward the ground?
The answer: exciting and a bit nerve-wracking! The move is part of an unconventional, uniquely challenging Anti-Gravity workout at Studio K, just arrived on Sunset Boulevard in the Palisades Village.
Studio K - AntiGravity-Christopher Harrison
Recently, the Palisadian-Post — Business Manager Krista Parnagian, Reporter Alexandria Bordas and yours truly– had the opportunity to give it a whirl.
First, we participated in a K Training Sport session with Susan Howard, Studio K Partner and General Manager, before diving headfirst (or, more appropriately, hanging head-down) into an Anti-Gravity (Aerial Hammock Suspension Fitness) class with Jennifer Green, Partner and Master K Trainer.
After getting strapped into heart rate monitors with information — such as calories burned, target heart rate percentage and current heart rate — displayed on TV monitors, we stepped up to the Kinesis equipment and were ready to work.
K-Training uses varying degrees of resistance in three-dimensional movements to give users a cardiovascular, strength and flexibility workout.
The workout is low-impact and often utilizes slow, controlled movements. Each of us was able to select the resistance level perfect for us individually, and even though this reporter wasn’t running on a treadmill or participating in a classic cardio exercise, my heart rate soared and I broke a good sweat.
The class is an amazing workout and is great for all ages and abilities. With space for 10 people in the Studio K classes, instructors are able to guide each user through the workouts that use the entire kinetic chain (lower body, core, upper body) to perform each movement for efficient, balanced training.
“I loved the Kinesis Training at Studio K! It incorporated several exercises allowing you to get your heart rate up without having to do heavy, strenuous lifting,” Parnagian said.
Afterwards, the Post followed Green’s lead through an Anti-Gravity (Aerial Hammock Suspension Fitness) class.
Performed on Queenax structure, these classes incorporate elements of dance, Pilates and calisthenics for a full-body workout– with very low impact and without the compression of gravity.
Since it was our first time experiencing anti-gravity at Studio K, we first learned how to properly secure ourselves on the silks using only our hands, hips and legs so we would be safely suspended when flipping, hanging, twisting and turning in the air.
People of all ages (including children and older adults) participated in the class, and it was certainly a unique experience to be hanging upside down, suspended by silks from the ceiling before doing some full-body pull-ups with the fabric.
“The aerial portion definitely tests your body’s strength and the more of it you have the easier it will be to succeed at aerial training. Since it was my first time I wasn’t fully comfortable in the swing but I think the more you familiarize yourself with the aerial workout, then progressively you will start to trust yourself more in the swing. I had no idea I was capable of doing back flips and front flips, that was awesome!” Bordas said.
Participants in Anti-Gravity class will be hanging by silks wrapped around their hands, waists and legs and should be fine with having a lot of pressure on these areas. They should also be comfortable hanging upside down. Long sleeves are recommended.
The ambience of Studio K makes you feel like you are stepping into a very sleek and hip nightclub– with pink hues, dark lighting and invigorating music that pumps you up for a cardio workout,” Bordas said.
Studio K is located at 15207 Sunset Blvd, Call 310-454-1048.