Feature reprinted from: The Palisades Post – Sierra Shafer, Staff Writer 

Bryan and Jennifer Green

Bryan Green, Developer of Studio K Training, and his wife Jennifer, Master K Trainer, opened Studio K to inspire Palisadians to identify their fitness goals and work toward them with efficiency.

After designing many of the most frequented fitness facilities like UCLA and Cal State Northridge, Bryan Green brought his expertise home to Pacific Palisades and opened Studio K – a fitness center that doesn’t look, feel or function like the traditional gym.
“We knew if we could make this work in the Palisades, we could make it work anywhere,” Green said. “It’s been a great challenge because we live in such an active community and there are so many ways to be fit. My wife and I have three children and that alone is a very active lifestyle – you have to be fit just to chase them around.”
Green and his wife Jennifer, a Master K Trainer, know first-hand how challenging it can be to find time for fitness, which inspired the K Training method – a system that embraces the need for in-studio guidance through personal and group-training sessions in areas known as K Stations.
“I have always felt that the mark of a successful facility is one that allows users to get in, exercise and get out as efficiently and purposely as possible. We spend too much time going to the gym, wandering around to find the next piece of equipment or waiting perhaps for someone else to finish up first,” Green said. “Ultimately, we should be training for life, not adding stress and consuming time that should be dedicated to enhancing our well-being.”
Inspired by the natural way our bodies move, Green developed Studio K Training to offer progressive exercise training designed specifically to strengthen functional movement patterns made in everyday life.
Sophisticated cable systems support a comprehensive range of motion and exercise variable resistance. Instead of separating strength training, cardio and balance, Green said K Training is performed with or without a trainer utilizing the whole body movements that allow for maximum caloric burn, core stability and strengthen conditioning within an efficient setup.
“We built our training system backwards, with the end-user experience in mind first, versus asking them to conform to the same gym configurations we’ve seen for the last 30 years,” Green said. “It’s unnecessary and often inefficient to separate the benefits of weight loss from strength, core and flexibility training if the program is as balanced and comprehensive as K Training.”
For Green, the goal is to inspire Palisadians to first identify their goals and then work toward them with direction. Seeing transformative results drives both his passion and Studio K’s mission.
Green founded Advantage Fitness Products, a fitness facility designer and equipment supply of specialized fitness facilities ranging from hotels, universities, private clubs and corporations. His passion for creating experiential environments that invigorate and motivate led him to create a facility that could offer personal and group training membership options for youth, soccer moms, professional athletes and aging populations alike.
“We know if our guests and members have great results, we solve the major problem every gym has,” he said.
Instead of being left to your own devices and spending curve after joining, Green said his programs and intentional and designed to create results and inspiration that can be adjusted based on individual needs.
“K Training is something we can all benefit from – whether you want to keep up with your kids, train for something specific or improve your golf game, we all move the same way,” he said. “It’s exciting to see this work for everyone.”