January 26th • 11:00 am • Sunset Entrance

Now is the time for a New Year and New You! This time of year we seek inspiration for a new health and fitness routine. Studio K’s Registered Dietitian, has crafted a healthy green shake to add to your diet regime. Join her on Sunday to learn more about our K Fuel program.

Download the PDF with an Antioxident Greens[raw][/raw] & Berry Shake Recipe:


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Meet Courtney

Courtney Sullivan is a Registered Dietitian (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) and a NASM Certified Persona l Trainer. Courtney is passionate about helping her clients reach optimal health through the delicate balance of nutrition and exercise. Schedule a Private Nutrition Tour Courtney Sullivan courtney@studioKtraining.com 949.338.2597[raw][/raw] instagram: @courtsportrd [end-div]