Aerial Fitness: Get Fit on the Fly

Ready to fly? Once limited to dancers, gymnasts and circus performers, aerial fitness is the fun way to exercise and feel free in the air. An aerial workout balances cardio, flexibility and strength into one program and has many options, including silks, lyra and hammock. Performing a series of exercises inspired by yoga, Pilates and aerial acrobatics, each apparatus offers a creative expression of fitness that has many physical and mental health benefits.

Introducing Super-Functional Kinesis Circuit

Studio K is introducing a new and exciting class at 8am on Fridays — Super-Functional Kinesis Circuit with Sergio Penaloza. TRX/Superfunctional Cross Bar/Cross Core sessions take suspension training to another level. We are inviting you to come check the session out! You will not want to miss out on this fun and intense workout!

7 Tips for Partner Training

Love is in the air during February. It doesn’t have to be about chocolates and going out to dinner. Find healthy options to celebrate by including partner training into your exercise routine. Studies show working out with a friend, coworker, or someone special can increase more than a healthy dose of quality social time. Partner training raises accountability, keeps the spirits high and increases the likelihood of favorable results. Follow these most important tips to find your ideal match for partner training.

Studio K Moving to Heart of Village

After opening its doors to Palisadians in 2013, Studio K is getting ready to open the doors to its new home at the corner of Sunset and Monument.
“We’re really looking forward to being in the heart of the Village and the center of the community that we have become apart of,” said Studio K owner Bryan Green.

Maintain Renewed Fitness Focus

Here we are again at the beginning of the new year, making our health and fitness resolutions for 2015. But how do we stick to our good intentions beyond the six weeks of the year? Follow these seven tips to maintain your renewed fitness focus well past the New Year hype.

Seven Ways to Stay Fit as a Family

Spend 30 minutes each day doing something active as a family. Remember, parents are a child’s role model, so if you are having fun and making healthy living important, the kids will follow.

Studio K Moves to Clock Tower Building in Village

Studio K made a splash with Palisadians when it opened its unique lifestyle performance training gym utilizing proprietary exercise equipment technology in the Rockwell building at Sunset Blvd. near PCH in 2012. Two years, later, the innovative training gym is making news again with a move to the heart of the Village.

Simple Strategies to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Festive holiday party activities and tempting tasty morsels are right around the corner. What’s your plan to enjoy the season and beat the challenge of the holiday bulge? Use these simple strategies to fill your holiday cheer without the fear of gaining extra pounds.

Studio K is Moving to The Village in 2015!

We are excited to announce that we will be relocating into the heart of Pacific Palisades. The Clock Tower building (corner of Sunset & Monument) is under new ownership and has just begun extensive renovation. We are thrilled to be selected as an anchor tenant.

9 Benefits to Strength Training

Riding a bike, hiking in the mountains and walking on the treadmill are all excellent options for aerobic exercise, but did you realize strength training is a cardio option and has many other benefits, particularly as you grow older? Resistance training is a key component of overall health and fitness.

5 Fit Tips for Pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy has great benefits. It can help facilitate an easier pregnancy and labor and can lift your spirits. Approach working out with extra awareness to maximize the benefits and reduce the risks. Follow these tips to keep both mom and baby safe.

A Palisadian's Personal Journey to Fitness

Elyse Rozinsky, a 17-year Palisadian, started her transformation journey at Studio K ten months ago. Recruited to try an intro K Training group session with her support group of Weight Watchers, she started on her path.

Slow Down the Aging Process with Functional Movement and Good Form

As we age we gradually reverse the process. We often lose our ability to squat, maintain balance, start tightening and losing our strength. But instead of giving into devolution, take the necessary steps to challenge yourself by developing strong movement patterns and adding resistance and increasing balance demands.

5 Quick, Healthy Fixes For Long-Term Wellness

We all have been reminded at one time or another that nobody is perfect and no body is perfect. But when it comes to health and fitness, it’s important to recognize that the common mistakes we make can impact our long-term wellness. Change your mistakes into fixes. – Susan Howard, General Manager of Studio K

Retrain the Brain for Weight Loss and Wellness

Are you looking for an easy fix to weight loss and more energy? We all know that summer is right around the corner but how do we retrain our brain to start healthy habits and get rid of those thoughts and actions that are literally weighing us down?
The biggest part of a new program is starting with simple steps that are achievable and measurable. Having big expectations or goals in a short amount of time is too much pressure and creates unnecessary anxiety that is unhealthy and potentially dangerous.

Studio K: Functional, Efficient Workouts – The Malibu Times

Pacific Palisades fitness studio hones in on Kinesis training – a combination of strength, agility, resistance and balance training. Forget about your gym routine when you walk into Studio K. Instead, prepare for an experience aimed at improving your everyday lifestyle performance.

Look and Feel Better Faster

Susan Howard is the General Manager and Director of Lifestyle Performance Training at Studio K in Pacific Palisades. Her philosophy of lifestyle performance training is to incorporate all of the functional movements in a creative, efficient program to help individuals train for life.

Can Kinesis Make an Athlete Stronger for Life

At Studio K, a kinesis gym in Pacific Palisades, California, owner Susan Howard says, “We’re working on functional movement patterns that allow us to be more dynamic and efficient in everything that we do, whether it’s hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, picking up your child, or going up a flight of stairs.” Howard calls her program “lifestyle performance enhancement”.

Train4Life Newsletter, April 2014

Studio K is launching a new 28-Day Transformation Challenge each month. If you’ve ever wanted to get in shape for the summer, wedding season or reach a personal goal, our K Trainers and Nutritional Professionals will set you on the path to success.

Wealth is Health Event, May 7

Find your balance between wealth and health. Join us for an evening of foodby PALETA, cocktails and networking. Studio K and Dicker Fitzpatrick Wealth Advisors will present fitness, healthand wealth management that will transform your financial andactive health plan.

Sweat by BurnThis

-Torn between wanting personal training results with group class pricing? We’ve found your happy medium: meet Studio K Training!
-Studio K’s signature “lifestyle performance training workouts” combine high intensity movements such as squats, lunges, and jumps with low intensity ones like Pilates and yoga to build core strength, balance and flexibility.
-Classes utilize resistance from the Kinesis® wall and tone your entire body through three-dimensional movements.