Studio K_Athlete Profile_Lizzie Howard
By: Sammi Yorn, Staff Writer at The Flyer
Senior Elizabeth Howard is an aerialist of 3 years and a recent acroyogi. Aerial silk is a type of performance where artists perform aerial acrobatics while hanging from a fabric. Performers climb the fabric without safety lines, and rely only on their training and skill. Aerial has many apparatuses and Howard is trained on two of them, Lyra and Silks. Lyra is a large metal hoop that is suspended in the air, and silks is one piece of fabric that is tied to the ceiling. Acro Yoga is a partner acrobatics that features a base person and a someone that flies the pose.
“I was always super intrigued by Aerial. My first couple of classes getting started were laughably bad, but I was determined to stick with it and make progress.” said Howard.
Howard practices and takes classes at Studio K in Pacific Palisades and Aerial Warehouse in Culver City.
“Aerial has really changed  my perspective of the world. It is something I really never believed I could do. It just shows how we put these limits on ourselves with nothing really to back them up. It has showed me that these limits are arbitrary and has broke down barriers and allowed me to try new things,” said Howard.