About FLAIR Aerial


To make exercise fun while challenging the mind, body, and spirit as a whole.


We become what we think…

  • MIND – Creative expression, perseverance, focus, problem solving, connection to oneself
  • BODY – coordination, balance, flexibility
  • SPIRIT – Love of self, mood elevator, intrinsic motivation, confidence, community

Jennifer Green is the founder FLAIR Aerial. With over 25 Years as a Professional in the Health, Wellness & Fitness Industry.

She has collected many fitness certifications and attended various educational workshops. She has a BS in Health & Science from Portland State University and is currently certified by AFAA Group Exercise, AntiGravity Fitness, and AirAbesque Silks. She is a GymRax Ambassador, which allows her to assist in product development and education for suspension training products. She currently teaches her own successful Aerial Fitness program for adults and youth using a GymRax suspension bridge.  Jennifer comes from an athletic and dance background. She was introduced to aerial arts about 7 years ago, on the silks and lyra and quickly fell in love and has dedicated herself to aerial arts, training, performing, and teaching fitness in the “air”.  She brings a playful spirit, encourages each student to learn at there own pace, and is passionate about inspiring others to try aerial fitness as a form of  wellness.

Her specialty is aerial hammock. She has studied with various instructors all over LA, and her current home for aerial training is at her corporate headquarters in Santa Monica, CA.  Prior to that  in Pacific Palisades she owned and directed for 5 years a boutique fitness and aerial studio named Studio K Training that led her to her current passion in bringing aerial fitness to everyone.  She emphasizes proper technique and quality of movement when teaching, and believes that anyone can find their “Flair” and enjoy aerial arts as a wellness regimen and daily recovery practice!  Jennifer is also a mother of two children and enjoys inspiring all moms to find their supermom”selfs” as we do our best to be role models for our families and communities.

Private & small group training specialties: Multi-Planar Kinesis, Functional Fitness, HiiT, Zero Compression Inversion therapy, Aerial Fitness, Suspension Training, Core Stabilization and Strength, Dynamic Joint Stabilization, Proprioceptive Fitness, & Longevity